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Shark Tooth Hunting

Fossils Forever is an shark tooth hunting adventure business that is driven by a passion for fossil collecting and exploring the beautiful South Carolina coastline. Growing up in Connecticut, most of my free time was spent catching trout in a creek or tip toeing through a pine forest in search of an owl! As a curious kid, my love of wildlife and nature inspired me to study at the School of Agriculture at the University of Connecticut, where I earned a Bachelor's Degree in Natural Resources Management. My career journey provided opportunities to grow into a successful environmental educator and reach hundreds of students, families, and members of my community. 


As an advocate for nature conservation, my mission is to help visitors and residents of South Carolina experience the joy of discovering shark teeth on our coast line, while fostering an appreciation for ocean conservation. As a popular summer vacation spot, Myrtle Beach welcomes thousands of visitors throughout the year. Fossils Forever strives to show visitors how to uncover beach treasures, while learning simple ways to conserve our ocean habitat and catch some rays too!


Click the button below to schedule your fossil hunting adventure! 

See you at the beach~ 


Shark Tooth Fanatic  

Shark tooth hunting Myrtle Beach, SC
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